Review: Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Foundation

I was very excited for this product as I had been venturing out from mainly drugstore makeup to more high end counters. I have larger pores and thought that this was my solution to making them look smaller.


My bottle of Clinique Foundation in shade 2 -Alabaster

I like the packaging. The bottle is plastic so it is squeezable, unlike many of my other foundations. It also comes out like a tube, which is more hygienic and better for acne prone skin like mine (although ultimately I still prefer foundations with a pump).

The shade range is not the best and to me looks VERY yellow. It is still a few shades too dark on my skin even though I got shade matched at a counter. It goes on very cakey (maybe their way of reducing pore size is to cake right over them? lol). I used a Beauty Blender sponge and that helped quite a bit, but I have still had much better results with other brands I’ve used.

Overall the package is the only thing that is decent about this which is really disappointing. Honestly the best thing about this product was the mascara that came for free with it!! (Will review later!)

I saw no difference in pore size and it actually seemed to accentuate the problem.

Has anyone else used this product and had a different experience? Please comment and let me know!


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