Review: ELF HD Powder


Sorry it’s so beat up! Lol

This one I grabbed on a whim when I was at Target awhile back (they always get me, every time haha).

I had seen reviews about this being a good alternative to the HD powder from MUFE and other higher end brands. I just needed something to set my foundation and as I said grabbed this on a whim hoping to blur things a bit since my skin is not the greatest.

One thing I should note is that I tried this over my normal Lancome foundation and not the one I reviewed previously, just to compare the results better.

The packaging is VERY bulky and would not allow at all for touch ups during the day. It comes with a puff, but I liked applying it with a powder or kabuki brush much better. I still carry a MAC compact during the day to touch up as needed since this didn’t have as much staying power as I originally thought it would.

If you have oily skin, apply this sparingly. The blurring effect of diffusing light translates to high shine if you use too heavy a hand with your application. I did find that it didn’t seem to last all that long when applied lightly, but for something short term like taking photos it did give my skin a nice finish, even if the change was subtle.

At only $6, I would grab one of these again, and would definitely give it a try if you are thinking about using a more expensive brand HD powder. It will also be a good way to figure out how to work with the product when they give you an ample amount so that even if you do change brands, you won’t be wasting that $40 powder trying to figure out application and techniques that you like best. The other thing with this is that I feel if I was using it daily, I’d be going through a LOT of it. It’s nice short term, but I’d be reapplying 4+ times daily. That’s a lot of powder to keep putting on in layers through the day.

I won’t use this as a staple in my makeup bag, but I’d much rather have an extra item like this be cheaper than spend a lot of money on something I won’t be using too often.

Have you used other HD powders such as MUFE’s? Would you buy them again even with the heftier pricepoint?


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