Review: Beauty Blender Sponges

Beauty Blenders are all over right now. I did extensive research on getting one before I decided to just give in and get the brand name one instead of opting for an off brand.

Here are a few things that I think are helpful in addition to the other reviews out there:

If you take good care of it, it will last a long time and be worth your money. They are so easy to clean and make applying your foundation so fast, you’ll bank a few seconds to wash it (that’s all it takes). I’ve found it’s much faster than washing out my brushes too because it doesn’t get product buildup in the same way that the brush fibers do.

They’re easier on the skin than stippling brushes in my opinion. You just bounce this baby over your skin and boom, flawless. With the brushes I have to do a lot more pressing, blending, pushing etc to get similar results to the beauty blender. It’s so soft and easy on your skin that you just bounce it along and don’t get the pulling, tugging, or pressure of a brush. It also feels lighter on your skin even when achieving fuller coverage through multiple layers.

I got mine on One thing I LOVE though was that when I visited the beauty blender website, they give instructions about how to turn them in to get the recycled. LOVE this. This creates so much less waste if we can recycle them than using brushes and other types of single use sponges.

One thing I did hear is that TJ Maxx sometimes carries a very close dupe. The issue with this is that they aren’t readily available, so I’d much rather spend a little more and have the BB than have to search and search to save a few dollars. If I ever happen to see one, you better believe I’ll grab all of them off the shelf!! Until then, I’ll keep buying my double packs since you save by buying two!

Has anyone found a Beauty Blender dupe that they LOVE?


3 thoughts on “Review: Beauty Blender Sponges

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