Review/VS: E.L.F. Studio Lip Exfoliator

So I have a haul from ELF from the weekend, but I’ll share this one now because (spoiler) I love it!


I got this online during a sale. It usually retails for $3 (which still isn’t bad at all), but my entire order was half off, so I paid $1.50.

ELF cosmetics for me are hit and miss. Some things that other people rave about I find to be awful, it’s all about personal preference.

This item in particular is great though. It comes in a lipstick tube so you can use it very easily. The grains come from the sugar that is in it, so they are a little bigger and you can really feel it going to work. It also has all kinds of conditioners in it. Now obviously you will want to rehydrate your lips after with a balm or something similar, but for a couple bucks this is going to make lipstick and anything else on your lips go on a million times smoother. This stuff also smells amazing!! I saw it and was sure it would smell just heinous, but I was really surprised to find that the smell is one of my favorite things about it!


VS: Awhile back I bought the exfoliating lip mask from Mary Kay.


I really like this too, but they are $9.50 each. They are double the amount of product, BUT you can get more than 3 of the ELF ones for the price of one of the MaryKay products. (Or 6 if you find a sale like I did!)

Mary Kay Satin Lip Mask has smaller grains in it which is nicer if you have skin that is easily irritated or sensitive, but the application process is much messier. This product also smells much worse than its ELF counterpart.


Have you used either of these, or have another favorite from a different brand? Share in the comments below!


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