Review/Rave: NYX Parallel Worlds Makeup Collection

Hello Lovelies!

I just posted about my Ulta Haul HERE, and this was hands down the thing that I got most excited about!

This kit was originally $25 and with the clearance price and 20% off, I paid $10 for this whole thing! Pretty amazing, right?

NYX Collection

This kit comes with a little bit of everything!

The Smokey Shadow Palette: They were selling this in the store separately for $7 alone so I think I made out like a bandit. This palette has 6 shadows that range for full on glitter sparkle to a more satin finish. I also like that they have a variety in color since it is a smokey palette, vs just having shades of black and grey.

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul: This has an insane color payoff and for me is pretty moisturizing. The color is a more of a true pink than I usually wear and the matte claim definitely holds true. I add some gloss over top (since I usually opt for some more sheen to my lip color) and I’m good to go! ($6 retail)

Boudoir Mascara Collection in Le Frou Frou: Each mascara in this collection has a different purpose but this seems to be the go to option. Le Frou Frou is their lengthening and volumizing option. It’s a rich black and has a straight, dense brush so that application to lower lashes (and those pesky inner ones) is super easy. ($6 retail)

Powder Blush in Pinched: This is a coraly pink with some gold glitter shimmer to it. Sound familiar? This can be used as a dupe for NARS Orgasm. It doesn’t have quite the amount of shimmer to it that the NARS option does, but honestly I prefer a little bit less. This one is almost a little bit heavier but with less color payoff if that makes sense.  Orgasm also has a more peachy base whereas Pinched has a coral base.

Now these sound like bad things, but honestly I PREFER this over the NARS option, even though for many it’s a Holy Grail product. Why? The texture of NYX Pinched has more staying power for me than Orgasm. I used to purposely apply more of Orgasm than I needed in the morning because an hour later it would be half as visible. Yes it has a bit better color payoff, but if there’s no staying power to it then does that really matter? To me, not so much.

And at $5 for .14 oz (vs NARS at $29 for .16), NYX Pinched comes out to be a MUCH better bang for your buck!!

Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black: This liner is a nice eyeliner to complement the sultry looks you can make with this collection. I have quite a few liners that I rotate on a daily basis, and this one has earned it’s spot in that rotation. I usually have an issue with my black liquid liners coming out lighter and looking to be more of a grey color, but when they say extreme black, they mean it! (retail $4.5)

Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere: This is a mice shimmery champagne shade that is a great all over eye shade when you are in a pinch (read ‘hurry’ (read ‘every day of my life’) ). haha. I really like this paired with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Sin. They both have that champagne shimmer to them and then you can layer other shadows in or just build Cashmere on top of Sin if you are in a true hurry. Love! (retail $4.5)

As you can see, retail for all of these together is $33 separately. By getting them with all my deals, $10 was an AMAZING steal!

What’s your favorite beauty steal you have gotten lately? Have any different views of the products in this collection? Let me know in the comments below!


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