Review: Adam Levine for Women Perfume

Anyone who knows me know I LOVE Adam Levine. The man can do no wrong. He could sell tampons and I would be lining up to buy them. Too far? Maybe. Accurate portrayal of my love for him? Close enough,


Adam Levine for Women

Adam Levine for Women


So you know that since he came out with a perfume I HAD to try it. I was walking through a Kohl’s a few weeks ago and saw the sample bottle in the middle of an aisle. I grabbed it and sprayed a bit on my wrist so that I could see how the fragrance interacted with my skin.

*Note: DON’T rub your wrists together after you put perfume on! It breaks up the fragrance molecules! Let it air dry to get rid of that alcohol smell instead of rubbing.

I’ll be honest, at first I was NOT a fan of this at all! It shattered my entire universe. It has this strange muskiness that is supposed to be sexy but came off old woman smelling. Not exactly what i am going for. It has vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood, and rose (which for me are all ingredients that can easily tip one way or the other on the old-or-sexy spectrum).

The top notes have some saffron, citrus, marigold, and spice. These are usually your first impression of a fragrance, and tend to fade a little bit to reveal the mid and dry notes (the bulk of the fragrance). I think that some of these floral notes may be what turned me off at first.

I don’t know what it is, but I smelled the fragrance a bit later and fell in love. I was honestly shocked that it was the same thing I had put on when i first walked in the store. I went home without purchasing it and asked my husband what he thought. He agreed that he liked it (I told him who it was made by after haha), so the next time I was at Kohl’s I grabbed the biggest bottle they sold.

Why the biggest? I went with a friend who let me use her 30% off coupon. The 30% was taken off of my total, including the perfume! That’s the best deal I’ve seen on it while still being 100% sure it’s authentic. I have seen some discount sites with low prices, but these are all sketchy looking and I wouldn’t buy from them.

Overall I fell in love with this!! It’s a bit heavier than most of my perfumes, so I think I’ll be making it my go – to fall or night fragrance. It’s a bit strong for summer or during the day say at work, at least on my skin!


Have you ever had the same experience of having a perfume do a 180 when you put it on (for better or worse)?


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