Review: October Birchbox

Hello Guys!

So I am WAY behind on my Birchboxes! Please forgive me! I was hoping to be in the new apartment by now so I was holding off, but I’ve decided to just let my October box loose!

Birchbox: October 2013

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For my October box I got:

Evologie Stay Clear Cream- This promises to keep your skin moisturized and pump it up with antioxidants. Honestly, I didn’t notice too much of a difference between this and a regular moisturizer, other than

Beauty Protector Protect and Shampoo and Conditioners – This stuff smells amazinggggg. It’s free of sulfates which I always look for in my hair care products. This one is also vegan and has UV-Protectors.  The sample sizes were decent compared to some others I have gotten in my boxes. It cleans ok, nothing amazing and I think I will be sticking with my Bumble and Bumble products for my hair.

Chapstick Hydration Lock- This says it was added as an additional product and did not replace one of the more prestige products from the box which I’m not 100% sure I believe). Every other box has had 5 different products in it. This has 5 including the Chapstick.

To be blunt, I tossed this after a few days. They put it in the box and act like it’ll be your new HG lip balm, but this stuff is AWFUL! I’ve been using other products since just to try to renew the moisture balance that my lips had BEFORE I used it. This is the worse thing I have gotten in any of my boxes. Boo Birchbox, Boo!

theBalm Staniac in Beauty Queen- I do like how this takes a minute to set so it is changeable. I am usually not a huge fan of stains, just because they tend to set quicker than I can get it applied just right. This is probably my favorite thing in this month’s box. I didn’t have one in my possession that I was already in love with and this filled a gap in my on-the-go needs. This redeemed everything a bit for me, although I will say that it looks a little more bubblegum pink on other people online, whereas for me it’s a more almost fuchsia color that I love, so it may look a bit different on different skin tones.

Do you use another subscription box service that you LOVE? Or do you love Birchbox? Let me know below!!


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