Review: Benefit’s Erase Paste

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Benefit Cosmetics - Erase Paste

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Today I thought I would do a review on Benefit’s Erase Paste. I have been on a Benefit kick lately, but it’s important to note that for most people Benefit is extremely hit or miss.

I wanted this to be a hit so badly. I really did. But unfortunately it’s a HUGE miss. I ended up returning this after a few weeks because I kept coming back to it and being disappointed over and over again.

Here’s why:

-Shades- I am WAY too pale for even the fair shade. It only comes in 3 color options, so I feel like it would be hard to match most people. I will say that I do like the peachy tone of this to use for under eye concealing, as it helps to cancel out the blues.

-Texture – I found this to be really tacky and thick. It does melt a bit into skin, but too much to where it looked caked on and fell into fine lines, even if I only used the tiniest amount of product.

-Packaging- It’s very cute on the outside, as most Benefit packaging is. It comes with a small spatula so you can scoop out a little bit of product and put it on the back of your hand to warm it? I mean I did clean it, but it just ends up being a waste of plastic. The damn thing is so easy to loose. I’m not even sure how you would travel with the spatula without leaving it somewhere or having it in the depths of your makeup bag. You can just dip in with a finger, but at the time I owned this I had acrylics on and it ended up just being a mess. You can also try it out with a concealer brush, but I found the product to be too thick.

-Finish – The finish on my skin was heinous. It’s meant to have a little satin-y finish to it (not too matte) but it ends up emphasizing imperfections, which is not ideal if you are trying to use it for blemishes or have any types of fine lines under your eyes! It looks too cakey and thick to be natural.


I will say that for some people this is a HG product for under eye concealing, which is why I was so excited to try it. Many use it just for that and not for blemish concealing, but for me it was a major miss on both fronts.


Have you tried this and love it, or do you have a better concealer that is your go to product?


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