Review: Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2

Hey guys!

So my goal for 2014 is to post at a minimum once a week with more varied content: swatches, vlogs, reviews, giveaways etc!

My first post of the new year is some swatches on my super pale skin for you from the UD Ocho Loco 2 eyeliner set!

Now at $59 I honestly wasn’t going to get this. I wear liner as part of my daily routine, but seriously I don’t spend that much on makeup usually. Somehow I of course found a way to justify it to myself and here we are. It comes with 8 full sized liners and a bright green Grindhouse sharpener.Five of the shades are exclusive to this set (Twice Baked, Crave, Mars, Ultraviolet, and Tornado).

They would cost $152 if you bought 8 liners separately and an additional $10 for the double sharpener. It’s like paying $7.37 each for the liners and getting the sharpener for free. Since I was looking to spice things up in my routine a bit, and I pay more than $7.37 for even drugstore liners, I decided to give this a shot.




Packaging- The packaging as always is flawless. I always want to keep all the boxes or trays from UD and have to talk myself out of it due to lack of space. They’re so pretty and always something eye catching.


Formula- These are some of the best liners I have ever used. They have a serious color payoff, especially with how pale my skin is! I really just need one swipe and the color is deep and saturated. They also have really great staying power and I feel like they don’t move on me during the day- ever!





The colors swatched above are with only 1-2 passes over bare skin (no primer).

Tornado- This pretty eggplant is a nice shade to switch up my daily liner. The eggplant-y purple is great for hazel eyes and unlike some other purple liners, you don’t need to layer it on 1,000 times to get the results you want!

Ultraviolet -Less likely to be used in a daily rotation, but a great option to liven things up! It looks almost bright blue on my skin so it would be great to swipe on for a night out where I’m looking to make a big impact with minimal effort (we all have our days).

Mars- I might actually try this for days. It’s a bright green with some shimmer but it is just mossy enough where if you style it correctly, you can easily pull it off as a day look!

Deep End-This one is over the top! Probably my favorite in the bunch, it’s a turquoise metallic shimmer (a little bit of everything)! Not as easy to pull off for day, this is a great pop of color for a night out or if you wear bolder day makeup. Definitely what I was looking for to change things up for me and get me out of my night out makeup rut!

Perversion- The darkest liner I have ever owned. Period. I have to go very easy with this or I end up looking a bit goth, or I have to REALLY warm up my skintone. Otherwise, it’s best used for a sultry night out look! FABULOUS! I can’t believe how black it is every time I swipe it on.

Crave- Better for daily use than perversion, this is a black brown matte shade. It is more flattering on us pale ladies and is a great alternative to the usual black while still blending well with other colors. A great neutral for your makeup bag.

Twice Baked- This one is a medium brown with a nice added shimmer. The shimmer is gold and looks great with hazel eyes, but the finish is satin which still keeps this nice for a day look.

Roach- More coppery than the rest and the lightest brown shade in the set. This also has some shimmer in it and I love this on it’s own when I am looking for a lighter day look where I don’t look like I’m trying too hard, but still look like I’m putting in some type of effort!


While I may be crazy pale, these liners are a great set to transition you from day to night, no matter your skintone. They are a bargain after you talk yourself down from the $59 price tag. The color payoff also helps when trying new shades so you don’t feel like you are dragging them on or unable to see the colors as they were on the pencil itself. This set will give me some new shades to play with for day and night!

Is there another set you love from Urban Decay?




7 thoughts on “Review: Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2

  1. I was going to get this a few months back! But like you said, it’s $59. I have the Naked2 palette and I’m hoping to get the third one… once they restock it. haha.

    I just love Urban Decay.

  2. I love this – and just reviewed it myself (going up tomorrow) 🙂 Good to see other opinions! 🙂 I also bought the Black Market eye pencil set – it’s another great set of darker colours (reviewed that yesterday!)

  3. I love UD eyeliner! I only have the black, but I know I need to get the others. You’re so right about the price initially, but they last a long time and look amazing! Thanks for the swatches!

  4. I always manage to talk myself into Urban Decay products. The palettes and these sets are always a good deal and easy to justify. Such top quality stuff. Also, when they put exclusive items in any set or palette it makes me even more likely to purchase. Their eyeliners are so creamy and easy to apply. Great colors and versatility!

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