Review: WEN Haircare

hey guys!

At the request of a friend, I tried Wen haircare. I’m going to give my first impression now, but I may write another one after trying it for another week or so. Let’s jump right into it.

I used the sweet almond cleansing conditioner from a starter kit I bought from Sephora. Basically, instead of using shampoo and conditioner, you use this instead. You put 10-15 pumps (yes you read that right!) into your hands and rub them together. Then massage it into your scalp vigorously, add a little water to have it foam and keep going for 1-3 minutes. Then you comb your fingers through your hair and leave it in for 3-5 more minutes. Then rinse it out thoroughly.

First off, 10-15 pumps is for normal hair. If you have long hair or hair that’s thick like mine you are supposed to use MORE. Really? That seems like a LOT of product to be using to me, so I used 7 pumps for my first go around. It doesn’t suds up like a normal shampoo which is strange to me while using it, but I assumed had something to do with it being gentler on your hair in general. The smell also reminds me a bit of Vick’s, but it does come in other scents as well (sweet almond mint is the original).

Right after my hair felt pretty clean, but felt like it had this strange waxiness to it, like I had added some type of styling cream or gel in already. I thought maybe this was an effect that would help tame the frizz.

About an hour later (I let my hair air dry) while I was at work i checked my hair in the mirror. While it is a bit less frizzy than normal, that’s because it’s greasy. Right after I type this I am going to go shower again, even though I just showered this morning. That to me is super disappointing as I am looking to be able to be gentler on my hair, not have to wash it more often. Maybe the greasiness will go away after more use. I also heard that using less may help get rid of that factor, but I already started out using less that the recommended amount.

Personally, I’ll be trying it for a bit longer, but more than likely returning it after that. i like the idea of getting rid of steps in my routine and being kinder to my hair but this is NOT the way to do it!

If you are thinking of buying some, I would suggest getting the starter kit from the Wen website. They have a basic kit for $30 or a deluxe kit for $40 and both come with more items than the one I got from Sephora for $42.50 (more products but they are different ones than included in the kit I got).

I do still have to try the other items from my kit, but the cleansing conditioner seems to be the staple product in every kit, aka the brand’s HG.

If you DO like Wen or know someone else who loves it please let me know in the comments, cuz it’s not me.


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