Haulin’: ELF -March 2014

Hey guys!

I went a little bit crazy on the ELF website and thought I would share what I grabbed, which things I’m loving, and which I would pass on next time!


They always send your loot in a cute little drawstring bag.


I couldn’t wait to sort it so I just dumped it on my makeup desk.


First item up is the Shimmering Facial Whip.



It makes for a great little highlighter and is only a buck!! The shade I bought is Golden Peach.


I have just a touch on my hand (the goldish color in the middle of the back of my hand). It catches the light nicely and is just glowy versus having to much shimmer. It can also be sheered out with a bit more blending, but I wanted to leave it a bit stronger so the camera could still pick it up.



These are the Natural and Dramatic lash sets. Natural is on the left. Each set is only $1 and comes with glue (although I have not tried their glue before and have my own as backup).



I love ELF’s brushes. They’re so soft for the price and I can get as many of them as I want for only $1 each.





This Blending Eye Brush is soft and not too stiff. The bristles are fairly tightly packed and have a lot of movement to them.



The Essential Defining Eye Brush is another one I picked up. I got this for washes of color or using in the crease. Again a soft brush for how cheap it is!




The Essential Crease Brush has more of a dome shape to it than the other two. It’s good for smudging and defining. Soft but a bit stiffer than the other two.




Next I picked up some of the Glitter Primer. I’ve heard good things about it and since it was only $2 I figure why not go ahead and give it a shot.


It may be harder to see in the photo, but when swatching it, it had the look and consistency of glue.


I do like the applicator and how nicely it comes out of the tube. (I didn’t clean it off on purpose so that you could see the glue-like texture on the applicator sides). I haven’t use it yet, but I’ll report on how well it holds glitter on when i get a chance to use it on a night out!


I got an Eyebrow Kit for $3 and chose the medium kit.


From just a first impression, the packaging looks eerily similar to NARS (though they do feel different). I also think the product inside looks close to Benefit’s BrowZings, but I haven’t tried that yet.


The darker side is a wax, and then the lighter side is a powder that you apply over the wax to help it set and appear more natural. DSC_0048

It does come with a little brush, but I think I will be using one of my own brushes instead.



Tinted Moisturizer for $3? Sign me up. I got this is Porcelain.


Unfortunately as you can see from the streak in the middle of my hand, Porcelain is way too dark on my skin (how sad is that sentence? haha). It’s not so much the depth as it is the MUCH too yellow shade for my skin tone. I will use this up by sheering it out with some of my daily moisturizer (even though this is moisturizer I will mix it with one that does not have a tint) and then dusting ELF’s HD Powder over it. The powder usually has a lightening effect which should help in this situation.


The HD Blush was a complete impulse buy for $3. I got it in Superstar which is one of the lightest shades available.



It may not look like much, but it is one full pump of product…


This is it when stippled all over my hand. It is SO MUCH product! For both cheeks I’m assuming I will need about half a pump which means this stuff should last me ages.


So after the initial over-application, I wiped some off and blended the remaining blush. It’s a pretty rosy color with an almost purple iridescent shift to it.


Here it is again in a different light so you can see how much more intense it can look in some lighting compared to others. It also acted almost as a stain and set immediately upon application. I do wish it had a little more give time, but it did not actually stain and came off very easily with a makeup wipe.


The Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder duo was my next purchase at a whopping $3.DSC_0061

Again the packaging has a striking resemblance to NARS in look but not in feel. It feels much more hard and smooth than the NARS cases.


I’m assuming ELF made this as a way to dupe NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo of Orgasm and Laguna. DSC_0063

The bronzer is very pigmented so I will have to use a very light hand and a lot of blending since I am so pale, but again that means a little will go a long way. I’m interested to see how the blush compares in wear time to NARS Orgasm since I didn’t have the greatest luck with that. The only other  downside I see is that the bronzer has shimmer to it, which is not the best idea if you are looking to do natural looking contouring (as the kit’s name suggests).

My take though is even for the smaller, cheaper size of the NARS product, you can get 7 of the ELF version. That’s right -7 OF THEM. It’s worth the $3 risk and investment if you could potentially save a ton of $ if you do like it!!


Probably one of my favorite things out of the whole haul is this Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Summer Nights. I was put off when I opened it by how dark it looked (I had specifically chosen a lighter shade out of the options available when I ordered). I was hoping this $2 stick would fair better than I got from my recent Ulta haul.



This one did not disappoint! It is much more moisturizing than the Ulta brand one, cheaper (I can get 4 of these for the price of one of Ulta’s!), and it went on more sheer to show a really pretty pink color with a gold shimmer to it. It looks like Orgasm for you lips! On my next order I will be adding about 6 of these to my cart so that I can stash them all over my house, in my purse, at work, etc.


So far I would say overall I am happy with everything I got (especially for the price!) except for maybe the moisturizer. Again, it was worth the investment for me to get all of this stuff for so cheap and only end up with one item that I’m not crazy about. Even if I didn’t use it, I would only be out $3!


Do you have a favorite product from ELF or another brand that you get great steals and deals from? Let me know in the comments!


Review: bareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara

Hey guys!

I am always trying new mascaras out (even thought I refuse to have more than 2 open at once!) and I tried Lash Domination out recently.

I thought this would be a great time to review this since it is part of Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Steals. It is a one day only deal (on Saturday March 29th) and you can get it online or in stores for only $9; it’s usually $18 for the full size! Half off is pretty good!

Photo property of bareMinerals.com

Photo property of bareMinerals.com

First off the brush is a little strange to me. It is a spiral shape and claims to help you coat every lash. It seems kind of like a cheap trick to get people to buy it and try it out since it claims to be different. If anything, I found it to be less effective. I usually apply my mascara by wiggling the wand back and forth at the base of the lash and then brushing through. This is not effective with Lash Domination. Then I tried just brushing through and some other ways, but to no avail.

I also really do not care for the formula itself. One of my favorites is Benefit’s They’re Real! and I was hoping this would be an easier to remove alternative. This is the opposite. This smears EVERYWHERE. Especially upon removal this will smudge all over to give you the ultimate raccoon look. I have had to use makeup wipes, then face wash, and then face wash AGAIN with a Clarisonic when I used more than one coat of Lash Domination! It’s like nothing can help to remove it, it just smears over a wider area of skin to become diluted in color if that all makes sense.

Now, with all of that being said, I do like this for a bit more natural look. If I am only going to use one coat of mascara for just a subtle hint of darker, fuller lashes, then I would use this so it isn’t a total loss. But I find that I like other mascaras and formulas much more and I guess I don’t see the point of using a mascara if you are going to go very subtle.

This would be good for someone who already has long, full, thick lashes who just wants that touch of a tint and a slight definition, but for me this was a dud.

If you want to give Lash Domination a shot still, it’ll be available for $9 (half price) on Saturday 3/29 ONLY at Ulta and Ulta.com!

Haulin’: Ulta -March 2014

Hi there guys! Hope you are all enjoying your St. Patrick’s Day! I made this haul at the beginning in the month and thought I’d share now since ULTA is having some great deals right now! They also have their 21 Days of Beauty that is currently going on with a new promo every day for 3 weeks, so make sure you check that out!



OPI TXTure Effect -$9.99

This set comes with a limited edition liquid sand polish in My Current Crush and a base coat. Liquid Sand and other texture polishes are meant to be worn without a top coat. The liquid sand is a really pretty purple shade with a hint of glitter that will peek out from the texture. It was $14.95, but I got it on sale for $9.99 which I thought was pretty good since they are 2 full sized bottles.


Stila Color Me Glossy -$28

This set was not technically on sale, but is a huge bang for your buck! It comes with 9 click pen glosses that are a little smaller than the ones you would buy individually (.05 oz vs .08) but the individual ones run $2 EACH, so this set is a steal. Inside it also has the pens packaged in smaller sets of 3 so you can give a set or two as a gift and keep a few for yourself if you wanted to! The colors are a nice range too of shimmers, sheers, and bold colors.


NYX Glam Eye Shadow in Sable- $2.49

This is a really pretty dark chocolatey brown shade with a bunch of silver glitter. Originally $4.99 but purchased for  $2.49, Sable is a great and inexpensive addition to my makeup bag! I always forget how much I really like NYX especially considering how much I can get for so cheap!!



The New Black Demi Lavato Studded 3 Piece Kit – $9.99

I picked this up because it was on sale (originally $14) and I wanted to see how it compares to the Ciate set that I bought that is very similar. They both come with silver balls to cover your nail in after you put on some polish, but the ones in the Ciate kit appear to be a bigger size than the tiny ones in this kit. I’m interested to see how the size affects the wear time of each.




NYX BB Cream in Light -$12.99 

I had to include this picture of my cat, G (aka G Lady) trying to assist me with my photos for the blog :). Below is a cat-less photo. I just purchased a $40 BB cream from another brand at Sephora literally minutes before I  went to Ulta and found this (I know, I have a problem). This is a very similar texture and when using the tester it seemed like their light shade would be light enough for me which is usually impossible to do. If it is a tad darker in other lights, I can also just sheer it out if I’m looking for less coverage, or I can add a powder over it.



Here it is without the box. The product inside is very big for only being about $13!


ULTA Nail Polish in Love Fern -$6

In person, this polish looks like shamrock green and turquoise had a baby. I love that I can’t quite tell if it’s one or the other (or neither for that matter). It’s glitter in a clear base, so I like that it’s a bit different than anything else that I own (and I have a LOT of nail polish!).

ULTA Blush in Afterglow -$7

I’m assuming that this is Ulta’s version of NARS Orgasm and is meant to be a dupe. I have not used this long enough yet but it seems very similar and with the MUCH higher price-point on the NARS, this might be a better option even if you do need to build the color a bit more!

ULTA Lip Crayon in Coral Kiss -$8

I was hoping that this would be more nourishing on my lips than it actually is. I like the color and I would wear this over a balm, but I really would prefer to get a tinted lip butter next time in a similar packaging since I like the ease of putting this on and the twist up style. (Clinique has nice ones)


China Glaze in Whirled Away -$4.99 

I was much more excited about this when I bought it than when I actually used it. I’m hoping it will grow on me. I really like the hex glitter in white and black, but there are also long skinny bar like glitters in black that I did not see int he bottle that I am really not a fan of. I’m hoping to find a color that this will look really nice over, but again I was much more excited about it when I thought it was just 2 different colors of hex glitter.


BONUS: Ulta Spring GWP (retail of $88)

Now I would never pay $88 for the bag and its contents, but I did think this was a very nice (and generous) GWP. I got it for spending $15+ on Ulta brand items.

You get the bag itself along with all kinds of items inside. The brushes that are shown wrapped in plastic in the picture are honestly throw away brushes. I will probably give these to one of my cousins to use with their kid’s play makeup.

The super shiny lip gloss in Illusion is a smaller tube but a very pretty, girly color.

Next is a dual ended liner in Deep Brown and Black. This liner is a little smaller as well and would be great for travelling when you don’t want to being both a brown and black full sized liner.

A full sized Voluptuous Volume mascara is next. While I have not yet tried this, it looks on the outside like the packaging for Covergirl’s Lash Blast, but thinner. I’m wondering if this is on purpose and therefore if they have similar formulas (and results).

Sweet Cheeks cheek color comes in the set and it is a cooler toned pink blush with a lot of silver shimmer to it. I’m excited to try this because while I like the shimmer in Orgasm and After Glow, I like silver much better on my cool toned skin!

Super Shiny Lip Butter in Vienna is not my favorite color, but more what I was looking for in terms of nourishing to my lips. It’s still not as effective as a balm would be, but it is much better than the crayon. I really wish they would have included a color like Rome instead, but free is free so I’m not complaining!

Flawless Prime primer and a small polish in Fuchsiamania are in the bag but these are pretty self explanatory and nothing too crazy.

3 eyeshadow quads were included as well:

-Chic Quad – Sahara Sand, Sunkissed, Mosaic, and Glittering Sand – a mix bolder primary colors and one taupey neutral

-Classic Quad – Seashell, In the Buff, Silk, Social Climber – shimmery and satiny champagnes and browns

-Dramatic Quad – Iceland, Twilight, Lock & Key, After Hours – shimmery purple, grey, and white with a matte grey to pull the quad together



I hope you enjoyed my little haul and don’t forget to checkout the 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta and share what you are hauling this month!

Review: Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA lately. I have had a lot of things going on in my personal life such as a few losses in my family and friends that took priority, but now I am back in action!!

I know I am a bit behind on this but I still wanted to post it up for everyone to see!

Urban Decay Vice 2!! Here it is in the outside package in all of its glory


Then the back cover, showing the different colors in the palette


When you take it out of the box the packaging of the palette itself is absolutely flawless. It’s a gorgeous swirl of different shades of purple. The ‘UD’ logo is raised and has almost like a gem look to it. In the box there is a foam piece protecting this as well so it won’t get scratched up while in transit.


Here is the inside of the palette with all of the different shades. There are 20 in total. It is a mix of bright, statement making hues and some neutrals. I would say that this would pair well if you already have one of the Naked palettes, but on it’s own, this does not offer a large range of neutral shades to make a complete look out of this one palette alone.


It does come with a decent Good Karma double ended brush. I like the brushes the UD includes in their palettes MUCH more than some other brands’ brushes. This little baby is a keeper and actually usable.


Here is a look at just the shadows themselves


And without further ado, here are the swatches. I know that there are a lot of swatches of this palette out already, but I had a hard time finding them on very pale skin, so I thought I’d still include them! Swatches are done in 2 swipes with clean hands and fingers. No brushes or primers were used.


So first up we have Smokeout, which is a dark taupe color with a satin finish.

Lovesick is black with a micro glitter. The glitter appears mostly silver and is more apparent than the photo shows.

Shell Shock is a straight up silver metallic with an amazing color payoff.

Coax is a metallic-y pink with some gold shimmer micro glitter.


X-Rated is a light pink with a touch of satin and not at apparent on my skin tone as I was expecting.

Prank is EASILY one of my favorites from the whole palette. It’s a dark navy blue with turquiose shimmer in it and reminds me of a peacock. haha The navy base is a matte though which makes it a little easier to use for wearable looks.

Madness is a super bright blue metallic and has some blue shimmer in it.

Strike is a gold shimmery shade with added silver glitter. I thought Strike was going to be as highly pigmented as Shell Shock, but is not as striking upon application (which is ironic given the name).


Stash is a pretty olive shimmer. It also has some iridescent micro glitter. This is one of the shades that I’m sure I will be using less, but it is very pretty nevertheless.

Poison is a beautiful dark grey satin with glitter. One of the more wearable day to day colors and another personal favorite of mine!

Radar is a brown metallic with micro glitter. The glitter in this one is iridescent and the payoff is HUGE. This one stands out SO much on my skin and is very versatile. You can use it to replace your average browns in your look to give it some extra pop!

Damaged is a deep green shimmer. Another highly pigmented color, just make sure you prime well underneath. As you can see, without a primer it shows EVERYTHING. Every detail of the skin underneath is exposed.


Voodoo is another favorite of mine! It’s a pretty deep metallic purple and has some gorgeous glitter.

Betrayal is very bright once it’s on! It’s a purple satin duo-chrome that goes from purple to an almost periwinkle blue.

Derailed is a taupey-grey metallic shimmer. I am a  huge fan of greys, so this is another personal favorite. This would be nice in place of the other. This one is good to use in place of Smokeout when you are looking for something extra!

Dope is a nice transition from all of the brights in this palette. It’s a champagne color with a satin finish that you could easily use for a wash of color if running late to make yourself look a little more put together without doing an entire eye look.


Toxic is a bronzey rose metallic shade that would be a great addition to the Naked 3. It is a bit darker on my skin than many of the Naked 3 shades, but that makes it great of the crease. It also has a bit of micro glitter as well which can help add a little drama.

Habit is easily my least favorite shade in this palette. It’s a tan-nude shade and is meant to help balance out all of the metallics and shimmers in the palette as a whole. I feel like if it were a bit more pigmented it would impress me more (I only did 2 swipes of it just like the rest of them of the swatch but I LOADED my finger up with product for each of those swipes, otherwise it wouldn’t be visible to the camera).

Ambush is a brown satiny metallic that reminds me a lot of UD’s Roach without the micro-glitter.

Rewind is nothing to swoon over. I feel as if this and Habit were kind of thrown is an afterthought to make sure that they could market the palette as being more versatile to the point where you can create complete looks from it. It’s just a brown matte that’s nothing to write home about.

Overall, the palette has some amazing colors in it, but I find that they are best when use in conjunction with other palettes. Many shades are a great addition to ones that I already own to give me some more pops of color.

The downside is that I find it harder to make a complete look out of this palette alone, so it’s not ideal for traveling as you’ll find you need to bring something else to go with it. I’m still satisfied with my purchase since I don’t have anything super similar to some of the colors and it’s still a great bargain compare to buying 20 UD shades separately.

What is your favorite shade in Vice 2? What do you hope to see in a Vice 3 if they make one?