Versus: Beauty Blender vs Dupes!

Hi guys! I wanted to make a pretty comprehensive post and try a few dupes of the Beauty Blender and compare them all in one spot for you, so here we go! I am not going to do an overview of the beauty blender since I have that in a previous post, but will compare it at the end with all the dupes!


I used all sponges the same way: wet, bounce all over face (gently!) to give an even and more natural finish to foundation.


Love and Beauty sponge by Forever 21 -$3.80




I had no plans to purchase this one but saw it while I was in line buying a shirt (oh those impulse bins!!) and grabbed it specifically for this post. I figured it was only around $4 and if it is a good dupe, then I have a cheap solution right?

Great in theory.

Not so great in practice.

I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo, but it is much more porous and quite a bit harder than the BB. I thought it would be the best dupe upon initial inspection because out of the box it was the one with the most give. Once wet though, the others softened more while this stayed the same. The major thing about this one is the SMELL. It smells terrible! It is seriously heinous. The smell stayed on my face after applying and I could smell it for hours after. The finish was ok (not as even as with the BB) and it tugged at my skin quite a bit. It’s harder to ‘bounce’ this one since it is so dense.  It also leaves your foundation in a thicker application instead of giving the slightly sheered and airbrushed appearance of the original BB.

SOHO Beauty Sponge – about $7.50



The SOHO Beauty Sponge has been called a pretty good dupe online by a few reviewers, so I thought I would give it a try too. The older ones were all pink, so I’m not sure if they have changed the product itself at all or just the coloration. The SOHO sponge’s density is somewhere between the BB and the Forever 21 sponges. It is fairly light and doesn’t have too much of a smell to it.  I do wish it was rounded at one end to make applying to the cheeks and larger areas easier. The white part of the sponge is also left discolored even after cleaning the foundation off of it with cleanser.


 REVIVE Beauty Pro Makeup Applicator – $4.99



I searched high and low for these at my local TJ Maxx stores to no avail. I went on a trip to Indiana and stopped at the SKETCHIEST looking TJ Maxx I’ve ever seen and BAM! there they were!! This place was like a holy grail! (I’m convinced people think it’s closed so they don’t go in leaving more amazing bargains for me to snatch up!) Anyway, I bought 2 – one in each shape – but used the blue egg shaped one for my comparison since it is the closest in shape to the original BB.

It felt harder than the others before it got wet, but then once I used water on it the whole thing seemed to soften a bit. The best I can explain it is that this one seems to almost have a hard core, while the outer layers soften, whereas the BB softens all the way through. This one also almost doubles in size, just as the BB does. It has no offensive scent and does a fairly good job at giving a nice finish to the skin. It does tug just a bit, but not nearly as bad as the others.


Here are some photos of size comparison of all before wetting:


And after:



Pardon the BB: It’s been used to the fullest so it is a bit stained and the bottom is ripping.

The Forever 21 and SOHO sponges don’t change much in size, if at all. They also don’t become mush softer.

The Revive and BB sponges both almost double in size.



My number one is still the beauty blender. I bought a 2 pack after doing this comparison! While the others aren’t bad, I do like how it makes my foundation light but still buildable since I need fuller coverage. It’s the only way I’ve found to make my full coverage foundations look like skin instead of a layer of makeup. I also like how easy it is to use on my skin and how minimal the tugging is!

The best dupe would be the Revive Pro Beauty sponges. I would probably buy these again and it gives a similar finish to the BB. It is the only one that doubles in size, has minimal smell, and has a soft outer layer at least for less tugging than other dupes. For the $4.99 price tag, you can also get about 4 of these for the price of the BB! That is a huge draw for me as well, so maybe I will work this into a rotation and switch back and forth between them so I can spend less overall. It gives me a heart attack every time I look at my cart and realize I’m spending $20 on a sponge! haha I’m glad I grabbed 2 because a downside is that they are hit and miss to find.

The SOHO and Forever 21 sponges I would pass on and not repurchase.

SOHO’s sponge doesn’t grow in size and is just an awkward shape for how dense and inflexible it is. If it were squishier material (for lack of a better word), this would be a good dupe. Save your $7.50 and watch for the Revive sponges and stock up on them when you find them! Cheaper and a better dupe!

The Forever 21 sponge is a HARD PASS. The smell is terrible and lingers on the skin. It is far too dense and doesn’t change size when you run under water. PASS! Should have saved my $3.80… lol




Is there another dupe you love? Let me know below!!


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