Review: Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder

Hey guys,

Since I was MIA for a bit, I’m going to give you some EXTRA love these next few days!


I had a haul a little while back from Sephora’s Chic Week. I had been waiting to grab this until then since B and B never goes on sale.


It is touted as a 3 in one styler, adding volume, soaking up oil, and giving you grittier texture. I figured this could be an edgier alternative to use than my regular dry shampoo on occasion.


No. Just no.

Here are the main reasons I HATE Pret a Powder and will be returning it immediately:

1. The packaging. It comes in a cute little pearly bottle with a twist off cap. Main issue? Underneath that cap there is exactly ONE hole for product to come out of. If you apply it directly to your roots and have darker hair (like yours truly), it will leave a white cast. This is not a normal white cast though, as this one is awkwardly spotted all over our head wherever you shook the product. It’s also a pain in the ass to try to rub in (worse than most dry shampoos I’ve tried) which is a major turn off for me. I also attempted to apply it by first putting it in my palms and then rubbing it into my roots. I felt like this was messy and I had to layer tons of it in. Not my preferred application method.


The hole is so tiny.. can you even see it in this photo?

2. So knowing this is not just meant as dry shampoo I left it on all day to see about the volume and texture. I do not need volume, but it did seem to deliver on that promise so I will give it that. The grit I felt in my hair I did like, but it was gone after just a couple hours.

3. The grit was gone but the oil came back in its place. It worked well at first as a dry shampoo, but after a few hours was worthless.

4. The price and size. For the amount of this stuff I have to use to get results, plus then the reapplication to keep it up throughout the day, I’d rather spend my money on something that’s cheaper, larger, works all day (take your pick). It would be a good deal if I didn’t have to use so much. I have to use so much per application that I feel like it’d be gone in no time. Most other bumble products are just as small and expensive, but with the tiny amount that I need to use to see results, I gladly shell out the cash.


Have you tried Pret a Powder with better results? Let me know!


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