Rave: One of my favorite brands lately…

Hi guys!


Just a quick post to rave about a brand that I’ve been using more and more of lately! I’ve been LOVING philosophy!


I switched to the Hope in a Jar for my daily moisturizer. If you are looking for something light for something, I highly recommend it! It’s light in feel and fragrance, and soaks right into my skin. I have oily skin, so this is nice because it really packs int he moisture to my few dry patches without making the rest of my face crazy oily!

The Hope in a Jar Night is nice too, but a bit heavier. I just switched to that and the Eye Hope eye cream for my nightly routine so I will let you know the results/ changes that I see in my skin.

Probably my overall philosophy favorite though is the Resurface 2 step peel. It’s citrusy and warming when you add the activating gel in the second step. It’s one of the only products in my life that I’ve ever seen IMMEDIATE results right after I used it the first time!


Do you have a favorite product from philosophy? Or does another brand blow you away? Let me know below!


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