Hoping the Warm Toned Trend Dies Out…

hey everyone!

I’m back and while I won’t be posting frequently, this IS a hobby that I enjoy and that I missed. I had some big life changes happen and now I’m ready to make more time for myself again!

But while I was gone… something happened. Warm. Toned. Palettes.


From every brand.

Can someone please explain to me and the rest of the VERY cool toned beauty junkies out there what is the driving force behind the warm toned epidemic?



photo via UrbanDecay.com

The newest addition is Naked Heat… but did we REALLY need it? I love urban Decay. I love their shadow formula especially and was waiting and hoping for another naked palette. Then they released this. I feel like this missed the boat on the trend (I’m hoping now we are in the tail end of warm everything).

Where is my cooler toned, purple or green shades to go along with the Naked 2? That is by FAR my favorite Naked palette specifically because of the cooler toned, taupey shades.


photo via AnastasiaBeverlyHills.com

Then there’s the one that seems to have started it all. She may look a little different in this post, but this is the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette. I love some of the berry tones in this palette. They also came out on the forefront of this trend so this one I think is 100% unique for when it came out.

But then we got so many similar palettes trying to capitalize on the trend that they are redundant now. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. Natasha Denona Sunset Palette. Naked Heat. Just to name a (very) few.

I am hoping that Naked Heat is the beginning of the end or a nail in the coffin for this trend. Hopefully as we see less summer releases and start transitioning into fall, we will see more cool tones and then I can start making posts about the stupid amount of purpley taupe palettes I’m buying instead of basically and anti-haul.


Thank you for those that come back after my absense.


With love,



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