Hoping the Warm Toned Trend Dies Out…

hey everyone!

I’m back and while I won’t be posting frequently, this IS a hobby that I enjoy and that I missed. I had some big life changes happen and now I’m ready to make more time for myself again!

But while I was gone… something happened. Warm. Toned. Palettes.


From every brand.

Can someone please explain to me and the rest of the VERY cool toned beauty junkies out there what is the driving force behind the warm toned epidemic?



photo via UrbanDecay.com

The newest addition is Naked Heat… but did we REALLY need it? I love urban Decay. I love their shadow formula especially and was waiting and hoping for another naked palette. Then they released this. I feel like this missed the boat on the trend (I’m hoping now we are in the tail end of warm everything).

Where is my cooler toned, purple or green shades to go along with the Naked 2? That is by FAR my favorite Naked palette specifically because of the cooler toned, taupey shades.


photo via AnastasiaBeverlyHills.com

Then there’s the one that seems to have started it all. She may look a little different in this post, but this is the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette. I love some of the berry tones in this palette. They also came out on the forefront of this trend so this one I think is 100% unique for when it came out.

But then we got so many similar palettes trying to capitalize on the trend that they are redundant now. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. Natasha Denona Sunset Palette. Naked Heat. Just to name a (very) few.

I am hoping that Naked Heat is the beginning of the end or a nail in the coffin for this trend. Hopefully as we see less summer releases and start transitioning into fall, we will see more cool tones and then I can start making posts about the stupid amount of purpley taupe palettes I’m buying instead of basically and anti-haul.


Thank you for those that come back after my absense.


With love,



Review/Haul: Kiko

Hi guys!


I have been MIA for a bit, partially because of an extended vacation with the husband. You better believe that while we were gone I got some new makeup to share with you!


KIKO is a brand that is found in Europe and the US (in NYC and soon Miami). I hadn’t really heard of it before except on facebook groups because one of their eye shadows is a dupe for MAC’s Whisper of Gilt which is going for $100+ USED online! Crazy, right?


Anyway, let me show you all the things I got!


Now one thing that I’m not crazy about with this brand is that most items are just numbered instead of having names for the shades.


First I picked up  Eye Shadows in shades 118,152,172



152 is a pretty plum purple

172 is a grey

118 is a champagne



Swatched on hand (152, 118, 172)



The colors are pretty pigmented with the exception of the champagne color, 118. The pigmentation is not horrible,you just need a second swipe and you are good to go! The shadows are really big for the price. i’m not too crazy about the clear plastic domed lid on the packaging. It just feels cheap to me and they can be hard to get open.


Next is Sun Lover’s Blush. I believe this is a limited edition item. I got it on sale there and was really intrigued by the powder itself. Below is the box and packaging…



I grabbed the shade Atlantic Camellia. It is a bright watermelon pinky blush. The other side is a swirl of bronze and baby blue. When the whole thing is swirled together, it is a watermelon shade with an almost opalescent finish.

Again, not crazy about the packaging on these. The compact is about 3/4 inch tall, but almost all of that height is from the lid. The portion with the blush itself is fairly thin. The lid does have a mirror inside, but I just can’t see this being very travel friendly because of the bulky packaging.






I grabbed some more of the LE items, including the Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette .



I got 02 Addictive Song. It comes with 5 shadow shades and has a pretty large mirror in the lid.


The shades do not have names or numbers, but the swatches are below. They don’t quite match the placement in the palette, but as you can see the deepest brown is below the other colors in my swatches (it is the top color in the palette). Then we have the plum shade, rosey pink, fawn, and white. All of the shades are matte and again I found that some of the shades are more pigmented than others. I do like the darker shades as they have great payoff (all of the swatches are one swipe in pan and one on hand, no primer). The lighter shades aren’t as pigmented but can be built up.



Glow Touch for Lips and Cheecks (as the box says haha) comes in a circular tin. I got 103 Heavy Honeysuckle.



This is the WORST packaging I have ever experienced on a product EVER. Period. I love this stuff but I literally struggled with getting the lid off of this for 5 minutes before I used a knife to pry the damn thing off. Somehow the lid gets suctioned off and you can’t get it to release unless you pry the side to equalize the pressure and get rid of the vacuum that’s created when you pull. It would be much better if it were a threaded lid. You get a TON of product though and maybe as I use it, it will become easier to open.


Maybe my nose is just messed up right now, but this does not smell at all like honeysuckle. It smells like brownies to me haha.





Swatched in shade to show how opaque it applies. I have found that it is a bit drying when used alone on the lips, so will have to see how it performs as a cheek stain.



Rock Attraction Blush in 03 Crossroad Pink



This has the same style packaging as the quad, but when you open it, it has an imprint of a jean pocket in it which I think it cute and adds to the aesthetic of the blush.




This looks super bright in the pan, but when swatched it becomes a more sheer, very cool toned pink.



This is Glamorous Eye Pencil in 407 which is a navy shade. It is on the harder side, but can be blended and smudged for the desired effect.



Kiss Balm in Strawberry was a register impulse purchase (they were using it as their add on by offering it to each customer that got up there). but is probably my favorite thing that I got! It does on really gel like and is super bright! I got the strawberry, but wish I would have grabbed other shades/flavors.



Hard to see the brightness in the swatch, but on the lips it is a bright pinky-red.


Overall I got everything for great prices and most were on clearance. Im happy the products are made in Italy since that is where I bought them. Some of the items lack a bit in pigmentation or packaging, but you can’t beat this brand for the price and there are some definite winners here.

If you can get your hands on this brand, I say what are you waiting for?

Have you tried Kiko?

Rant: My July Makeup No Buy

Hi Lovelies!


This may sound strange coming from someone who does beauty blogging, but I have decided the time has come to do a No Buy month! My husband and I are planning a trip to Italy and Ireland later this summer, so I am trying (poorly) to stop spending so much money on things that aren’t a necessity. I usually buy what I want on a deal, but I buy it. I don’t buy anything HUGE mind you, but $40 eye creams and $10 BB creams add up!


I was organizing our office today (my half is my makeup room!) and it hit me how much stuff I REALLY have. I was also looking through all of the clothing I have accumulated over the last two months or so. Most items are still in the ORIGINAL bags with tags on them, in the place I put new purchases after I go shopping. That is ridiculous! I’ve decided that I am cleaning out my closet and house and trying to get rid of as many things as possible to declutter my life. A few things may be returned to the store, but most things I do really like, I just haven’t sifted through the clutter to get to them!


This will be the first time I have done an official No Buy, so we’ll see how it goes! I work in retail at an outdoor mall, so it does make it harder to avoid the temptation (especially when one of my favorite stores – American Eagle – JUST opened this past week and it’s an outlet location!


I’m hoping this will also help me use up some of the millions of products that I’ve accumulated over the last few months! Many are awaiting reviews, so it will make it easier for me to review them when I’m not constantly buying new things to add to the pile!


Have you ever done a No Buy? How hard was it to avoid the temptation? What did you get right away when the month ended? Let me know below!

And give some of my product a new home!

Haulin’/ Rant: LUSH

Hello lovelies!

I tried LUSH for the first time this weekend and it was a LOT to take in all at once!

LUSH is a cosmetics brand that focuses on vegetarian, vegan, and cruelty free products! A lot of them have very, very minimal packaging which I really like as a consumer.

I was a bit overwhelmed by everything going on in the store when I walked in. My local LUSH is very narrow and has a few tables in the middle. On a busy day, it’s hard to move around and get to everything when you are a first-timer and don’t know where anything is right away.

The smell of the store is overwhelming too when you first go in but you quickly get used to it. This is due to the lack of packaging on most of the items, which allows their smells to waft into the air.

Once I got over the initial smell and massive amount of people, I started looking at the walls of endless products. Many look very similar because they all have minimalist black packaging.

I took awhile walking around the edges and checking out each thing carefully. Some of the products were being demo’d on customers at the tables,others are kept in mini-fridges. The face masks for instance have such fresh ingredients in them that they have to be kept cold or they will go bad! They also put use by dates on the bottoms to make sure you use your products while they are fresh.

The items I ended up leaving with were:

-The Hair Doctor- This is a hair and scalp treatment from their refrigerated section that I grabbed because it looked interesting.

-Tea Tree Toner Tab= These are used to steam open your pores and help oily skin. You can also save the leftover water and use it as a toner for two days.

-Dream Steam Tabs- These are similar to the Tea Tree ones, but lavender based.

-Cupcake Face Mask-A mud mask for oily skin. It has chocolate and mint and smells amaaaazing!


I was looking on their website later too and found No Drought which I will grab next time I am in the store, but I must have missed because of how chaotic things were in my mind there!

I do really like you you can bring in 5 clean empty packaging pots and they will give you a face mask for free. It helps reinforce their commitment to recycling and gives the consumer an incentive!


Overall, I love the idea of the store and the products, but I think I have to either shop online or go into the retail stores sparingly as I just get way too overwhelmed, Do you have a store that you feel like this when you visit?

(Don’t forget, it’s the last day to enter the Sample Bag contest!)