Review: Lorac Mega PRO Palette

Hey guys!


As you all know the holidays are coming up. If you missed the Lorac Mega Pro palette, people are still putting them up on ebay. If you start watching now, I’m sure you can find one at a reasonable price. However, this item was a Limited Edition from Lorac and Amazon, so it is not available through the official retailers anymore.

I figured I would still do a quick review though in case anyone was debating buying themselves a little something, or putting one of these babies on their Christmas list!


The palette itself is quite a bit smaller than I had anticipated it being. It was roughly the size of the Vice palettes from Urban Decay but thinner. It is a sturdy cardboard, and the top portion can be flipped all the way back. It also has a good sized mirror. It might be a little bit big for travel if you are taking a shorter trip.




Here is a closer photo of the shades and layout of the palette. The top half is predominantly matte shades, although the 2nd row is more of satin than true mattes. The bottom half is very similar but has much more shimmer. I feel like the first two rows could be laid over the bottom two and you would have almost the same colors in matte and shimmer in most cases (see Mulberry and Merlot). There is, however, still some variation and I do like that I can use this to add drama with the bottom half or keep simple and clean daytime looks with the upper half.


Shades in order

Row 1: Cream, Fawn, Camel, Sepia, Dusty Plum, Orchid, Mulberry, Espresso

Row 2: White, Khaki, Brown, Stone, Lilac, Wisteria, Gray, Black

Row 3: Opal, Sand, Copper, Sienna, Apricot, Blush, Merlot, Indigo

Row 4: Vanilla, Cashmere, Smokey Topaz, Dusty Rose, Granite, Maroon, Deep Teal, Caviar







Swatches of Row 1 and 2 in order. On bare skin in natural light. Row 1: Cream, Fawn, Camel, Sepia, Dusty Plum, Orchid, Mulberry, Espresso Row 2: White, Khaki, Brown, Stone, Lilac, Wisteria, Gray, Black

Cream is a pale warm beige. Nothing too crazy, would be a good highlight for someone with a bit deeper skin tone.

Fawn is  a warm peachy beige.

Camel is just as it sounds, a tan (camel-y) color.

Sepia is a brown with warm undertones. It is more of a medium shade and has better color payoff than the Camel or Fawn.

Dusty Plum is muted plum. I wish it was a cool shade but sadly is a warm tone (but still lovely).

Orchid is a pinky shade. Finally a cool toned shade, but I’m not a huge lover of pinks so even though this one is a purpley pink, it is one that likely won’t see much love from me.

Mulberry is cool tone berry. This one can have some problems with dragging/blending so you need to have a little more time to work with this one and I would REALLY suggest using a primer!

Espresso is dark brown. Nothing too crazy, but I do like this one for the outer corners when I am doing a softer daytime look.

White is plain white. This one is kind of chalky and I probably won’t use this one a ton.

Khaki is a grayish brown. I like the slightly satiny finish to this one.

Brown is a matte medium brown. Another staple shade that you probably already own in a few variations, but it’s nice to have it easily accessible for when you are creating a look with this palette.

Stone is a purpley gray. This is one of my favorite shades in the palette after actually using it a few times. The purple tones to it make it more interesting than a lot of the other gray shades in my collection.

Lilac is lavender. This one was chalky and did not have very good color payoff at all. My least favorite out of the whole palette.

Wisteria is about the opposite of stone. This one is a purple with a bit of gray added. I like to use these two to create just a bit of contrast but stil have a very subtle day look.

Gray is not gray. I’m not really sure why they even called it that. If anything, stone is more of a gray than this is. This is more of a blue. It’s a grayish blue, but still.

Black is a plain matte black. Again chances are you already have this in your collection, but it comes off more of a charcoal than a true black. I also had some issues with blending with this one.


Let’s move on to the next 2 rows! The shimmers!




These are the shimmers. I took 2 photos under each lighting with my arm turned, in order for you to fully see each swatch. These are taken in soft indoor lighting with no primer. I tried to make one set of swatches the focal point of each photo. The ones that are complete swatches (not cut off at the ends) are the focus of each photo.




Swatches of Row 3 under natural light and indoor lighting.

Row 3: Opal, Sand, Copper, Sienna, Apricot, Blush, Merlot, Indigo 


Opal is much prettier than I had thought it would be judging from the pan. It is a white with intense gold shimmer.

Sand is a light champagne. I reach for this one quite a bit as a highlight.

Copper is a metallic-y reddish brown shade.

Sienna is a softer brown. Another good one just to have if you are looking for a little something without going too over the top.

Apricot is bright peachy orange. It was MUCH brighter swatched than I thought it would be and would really help to brighten a look.

Blush is a light frosty pink. It wasn’t as buttery as some of the other shads.

Merlot is my FAVORITE shade in the bunch. Its a medium metallic wine shade with a bit of shimmer. Goes on very easily and blends well.

Indigo is blue black with a ton of micro glitter, but the glitter is VERY hard to see once applied.  With a more intense (sticky) primer, the glitter may take hold better and be more visible, which would make this another favorite.









Row 4 under natural light and indoor lighting.

Vanilla, Cashmere, Smokey Topaz, Dusty Rose, Granite, Maroon, Deep Teal, Caviar


Vanilla is more frosted off white. This is another I prefer to use for a highlight or the inner corners.

Cashmere is a softer metallic light tan/off white. I use this on my brow bone when I want something with a hint of shimmer but not a ton of color, but the light color would show on someone with a darker complexion.

Smokey Topaz is bronzy brown with a bit of glitter and is pretty pigmented.

Dusty Rose is brownish pink. Another shade you may already own.

Granite is another frequently used shad for me. Dark brown with some shimmer/metallic finish that is super easy to blend and work with.

Maroon is brownish red. I was hoping with would be a deeper TRUE maroon (a bit closer to the merlot), but its more of a red.

Deep Teal is another beautiful shade. It’s a darkened cool teal. This is one of the shades that initially interested me and it did not disappoint.

Caviar is more of a true black than the ‘Black’ shade in this palette. It is not matte, but when I want a black, I reach for this.



Overall, I would absolutely buy this palette again. It was $59 and while I do wish more shades were cool toned, but I find that the warm shades here are still okay for me to work with.  It does have quite a few browns and whites, but on the skin they are all different enough where I was not disappointed, and there are enough unique shades that I would have gladly paid more for to make this palette worth it for me!


















Review: Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA lately. I have had a lot of things going on in my personal life such as a few losses in my family and friends that took priority, but now I am back in action!!

I know I am a bit behind on this but I still wanted to post it up for everyone to see!

Urban Decay Vice 2!! Here it is in the outside package in all of its glory


Then the back cover, showing the different colors in the palette


When you take it out of the box the packaging of the palette itself is absolutely flawless. It’s a gorgeous swirl of different shades of purple. The ‘UD’ logo is raised and has almost like a gem look to it. In the box there is a foam piece protecting this as well so it won’t get scratched up while in transit.


Here is the inside of the palette with all of the different shades. There are 20 in total. It is a mix of bright, statement making hues and some neutrals. I would say that this would pair well if you already have one of the Naked palettes, but on it’s own, this does not offer a large range of neutral shades to make a complete look out of this one palette alone.


It does come with a decent Good Karma double ended brush. I like the brushes the UD includes in their palettes MUCH more than some other brands’ brushes. This little baby is a keeper and actually usable.


Here is a look at just the shadows themselves


And without further ado, here are the swatches. I know that there are a lot of swatches of this palette out already, but I had a hard time finding them on very pale skin, so I thought I’d still include them! Swatches are done in 2 swipes with clean hands and fingers. No brushes or primers were used.


So first up we have Smokeout, which is a dark taupe color with a satin finish.

Lovesick is black with a micro glitter. The glitter appears mostly silver and is more apparent than the photo shows.

Shell Shock is a straight up silver metallic with an amazing color payoff.

Coax is a metallic-y pink with some gold shimmer micro glitter.


X-Rated is a light pink with a touch of satin and not at apparent on my skin tone as I was expecting.

Prank is EASILY one of my favorites from the whole palette. It’s a dark navy blue with turquiose shimmer in it and reminds me of a peacock. haha The navy base is a matte though which makes it a little easier to use for wearable looks.

Madness is a super bright blue metallic and has some blue shimmer in it.

Strike is a gold shimmery shade with added silver glitter. I thought Strike was going to be as highly pigmented as Shell Shock, but is not as striking upon application (which is ironic given the name).


Stash is a pretty olive shimmer. It also has some iridescent micro glitter. This is one of the shades that I’m sure I will be using less, but it is very pretty nevertheless.

Poison is a beautiful dark grey satin with glitter. One of the more wearable day to day colors and another personal favorite of mine!

Radar is a brown metallic with micro glitter. The glitter in this one is iridescent and the payoff is HUGE. This one stands out SO much on my skin and is very versatile. You can use it to replace your average browns in your look to give it some extra pop!

Damaged is a deep green shimmer. Another highly pigmented color, just make sure you prime well underneath. As you can see, without a primer it shows EVERYTHING. Every detail of the skin underneath is exposed.


Voodoo is another favorite of mine! It’s a pretty deep metallic purple and has some gorgeous glitter.

Betrayal is very bright once it’s on! It’s a purple satin duo-chrome that goes from purple to an almost periwinkle blue.

Derailed is a taupey-grey metallic shimmer. I am a  huge fan of greys, so this is another personal favorite. This would be nice in place of the other. This one is good to use in place of Smokeout when you are looking for something extra!

Dope is a nice transition from all of the brights in this palette. It’s a champagne color with a satin finish that you could easily use for a wash of color if running late to make yourself look a little more put together without doing an entire eye look.


Toxic is a bronzey rose metallic shade that would be a great addition to the Naked 3. It is a bit darker on my skin than many of the Naked 3 shades, but that makes it great of the crease. It also has a bit of micro glitter as well which can help add a little drama.

Habit is easily my least favorite shade in this palette. It’s a tan-nude shade and is meant to help balance out all of the metallics and shimmers in the palette as a whole. I feel like if it were a bit more pigmented it would impress me more (I only did 2 swipes of it just like the rest of them of the swatch but I LOADED my finger up with product for each of those swipes, otherwise it wouldn’t be visible to the camera).

Ambush is a brown satiny metallic that reminds me a lot of UD’s Roach without the micro-glitter.

Rewind is nothing to swoon over. I feel as if this and Habit were kind of thrown is an afterthought to make sure that they could market the palette as being more versatile to the point where you can create complete looks from it. It’s just a brown matte that’s nothing to write home about.

Overall, the palette has some amazing colors in it, but I find that they are best when use in conjunction with other palettes. Many shades are a great addition to ones that I already own to give me some more pops of color.

The downside is that I find it harder to make a complete look out of this palette alone, so it’s not ideal for traveling as you’ll find you need to bring something else to go with it. I’m still satisfied with my purchase since I don’t have anything super similar to some of the colors and it’s still a great bargain compare to buying 20 UD shades separately.

What is your favorite shade in Vice 2? What do you hope to see in a Vice 3 if they make one?