Haulin’/ Rant: LUSH

Hello lovelies!

I tried LUSH for the first time this weekend and it was a LOT to take in all at once!

LUSH is a cosmetics brand that focuses on vegetarian, vegan, and cruelty free products! A lot of them have very, very minimal packaging which I really like as a consumer.

I was a bit overwhelmed by everything going on in the store when I walked in. My local LUSH is very narrow and has a few tables in the middle. On a busy day, it’s hard to move around and get to everything when you are a first-timer and don’t know where anything is right away.

The smell of the store is overwhelming too when you first go in but you quickly get used to it. This is due to the lack of packaging on most of the items, which allows their smells to waft into the air.

Once I got over the initial smell and massive amount of people, I started looking at the walls of endless products. Many look very similar because they all have minimalist black packaging.

I took awhile walking around the edges and checking out each thing carefully. Some of the products were being demo’d on customers at the tables,others are kept in mini-fridges. The face masks for instance have such fresh ingredients in them that they have to be kept cold or they will go bad! They also put use by dates on the bottoms to make sure you use your products while they are fresh.

The items I ended up leaving with were:

-The Hair Doctor- This is a hair and scalp treatment from their refrigerated section that I grabbed because it looked interesting.

-Tea Tree Toner Tab= These are used to steam open your pores and help oily skin. You can also save the leftover water and use it as a toner for two days.

-Dream Steam Tabs- These are similar to the Tea Tree ones, but lavender based.

-Cupcake Face Mask-A mud mask for oily skin. It has chocolate and mint and smells amaaaazing!


I was looking on their website later too and found No Drought which I will grab next time I am in the store, but I must have missed because of how chaotic things were in my mind there!

I do really like you you can bring in 5 clean empty packaging pots and they will give you a face mask for free. It helps reinforce their commitment to recycling and gives the consumer an incentive!


Overall, I love the idea of the store and the products, but I think I have to either shop online or go into the retail stores sparingly as I just get way too overwhelmed, Do you have a store that you feel like this when you visit?

(Don’t forget, it’s the last day to enter the Sample Bag contest!)