Hoping the Warm Toned Trend Dies Out…

hey everyone!

I’m back and while I won’t be posting frequently, this IS a hobby that I enjoy and that I missed. I had some big life changes happen and now I’m ready to make more time for myself again!

But while I was gone… something happened. Warm. Toned. Palettes.


From every brand.

Can someone please explain to me and the rest of the VERY cool toned beauty junkies out there what is the driving force behind the warm toned epidemic?



photo via UrbanDecay.com

The newest addition is Naked Heat… but did we REALLY need it? I love urban Decay. I love their shadow formula especially and was waiting and hoping for another naked palette. Then they released this. I feel like this missed the boat on the trend (I’m hoping now we are in the tail end of warm everything).

Where is my cooler toned, purple or green shades to go along with the Naked 2? That is by FAR my favorite Naked palette specifically because of the cooler toned, taupey shades.


photo via AnastasiaBeverlyHills.com

Then there’s the one that seems to have started it all. She may look a little different in this post, but this is the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette. I love some of the berry tones in this palette. They also came out on the forefront of this trend so this one I think is 100% unique for when it came out.

But then we got so many similar palettes trying to capitalize on the trend that they are redundant now. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. Natasha Denona Sunset Palette. Naked Heat. Just to name a (very) few.

I am hoping that Naked Heat is the beginning of the end or a nail in the coffin for this trend. Hopefully as we see less summer releases and start transitioning into fall, we will see more cool tones and then I can start making posts about the stupid amount of purpley taupe palettes I’m buying instead of basically and anti-haul.


Thank you for those that come back after my absense.


With love,



VS: Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner VS bh Cosmetics Glitter Eyeliner

Hello lovelies!


I love wearing glitter liner whenever I can think of an excuse to. I recently bought some from bh Cosmetics (part of my first purchase from the brand). When I unboxed them I thought that the packaging looked very similar to the Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners I have from Urban Decay.

I test drove the bh version on New Year’s Eve so that I could compare them for you here!


bh liners in Synergy and Rapture.


Urban Decay liners in Spandex, ACDC, and limited edition Gunmetal.



As I said, the packaging on both is very similar. They both have wand applicators with small brushes. The bh brushes are a touch larger which I actually prefer as they pick up more product, making the application easier.

The bh liners are .15 fl oz while the UD ones are .25 so you get more products from Urban Decay. The packages also indicate that the shelf life on the UD product is 4 times longer than the bh glitter liners (24 months vs 6).


from L to R: bh Synergy, bh Rapture, UD Spandex, UD ACDC, and UD Gunmetal



UD in the past has transferred easier than the bh version did. I have hooded lids, so I got some transfer onto my crease. I set them both with the same setting spray, so the application was consistent from time to time.

As I said above, the bh version applied more smoothly and I feel like it was MUCH faster than when I applied the UD ones. With the UD formula and applicator, I had to dip the brush into the product constantly and go over the same line multiple times to get what I wanted.

The glitter in the UD liners is finer, which I would expect being from a higher end brand. Typically these finer glitters are safer for the eye and meant for cosmetic use. However, the effect of the larger glitter is more intense and therefore more appealing to me as I wear glitter liners mostly on nights out when I want it to be a very noticeable ‘pop’ and different from my normal routine.

The shade ranges from both brands are very similar. UD offers 7 shades while bh offers 5. Both offer forms of opalescent, silver, pink, and blue. bh additionally offers green while UD offers gold, purple, turquoise and some limited edition shades such as gunmetal which is silver and black glitter (from the Pulp Fiction line).



Urban Decay heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners run $20 each. You can occasionally get them for 20% off from Ulta of directly from the Urban Decay website.

bh Cosmetics Glitter Eyeliners retail for $8 but are regularly on sale for lower. At the time of writing this blog, they are up on their site for $5.



I usually like to buy higher end brands because I find the quality, performance, and wear time to outperform the lower end competitor. That is clearly not the case here. While I still love the Heavy Metal liners, the bh cosmetics liners perform just as well (if not better) and you just can’t beat the price point! If you are not worried about the larger glitter and shorter shelf life, I would check out bh!!



Review: Naked 2 Basics

Hello lovelies!


I am ordering the Naked on the Run palette from Urban Decay today, but thought I would also do a post on the Naked 2 Basics for comparison when I get my order in!

I got the Naked 2 Basics because I was looking for something that was more portable than the full sized Naked palettes. I liked that the Basics are neutral still, with this one being more cool toned than the original Naked Basics palette.

The mirror is a nice size for a travel palette as it takes up the entire top portion of the palette. I was hoping the whole thing would be slightly more compact as I have a pretty small makeup bag. It is hard to open, but I actually like that a little bit since that means it doesn’t randomly pop open when being tousled around in my makeup bag on a daily basis.


The shades are Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal, and Undone.

I swatched them in order on my hand below. These are done with my finger using one pass, no primer. IMG_2478.JPG

As you can see, Skimp and Stark are barely visible on my pale skin. Skimp does give a bit of a sheen and both would be pretty highlights on darker complexions.

Swatching with a finger, the colors came out chalky and dragged horribly which left a splotchy application.  I did go back and redo 2 of them with brushes so you can see the difference. The swatch on the bottom toward my wrist is Primal, and Undone is the vertical swatch on the left. You can see them compared to the original swatches done with fingers (Undone with finger is top swatch, Primal with finger is 2nd swatch from top).IMG_2479.JPG

As you can see, the use of brushes made a HUGE difference in the way that these applied, so I would make sure you have a set of quality travel sized brushes available to use with this palette.

The fallout though is pretty bad on these. I took a photo of Cover’s fallout after I swiped a brush through it twice to do my eyes one morning. No bueno. That is a lot of wasted product over the life of the palette and if I were using this on the go as I had intended, chances are I would be getting this all over my clothes, car, etc. IMG_2480.JPG

If I would have known at the time that Naked on the Run was going to be coming out, I would have saved my cash and just held out for that. Here’s to hoping that I have better luck with that one as the travel palette I’ve been hoping for!

Did anyone else have better luck with the Naked 2 Basics shadows than I did? Let me know in the comments below!

Review: Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette

Hey guys!


The Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette just dropped in price, so I thought I’d review it for any of you who may be debating purchasing it.

The packaging on the palette is very in theme with the movie. The inside of the box is red with white blood-like spatter. It is a sturdy cardboard with a decent sized mirror inside.  The palette design is well presented, although I feel it is VERY bulky for the size of the small shadows inside.





It also comes with a look card and a small brush as seen above. I love to color of the brush as it again keeps with the Pulp Fiction theme.


I swatched this and was not thoroughly impressed. Some shades lack any kind of pigmentation, while the others just looked so… plain on my skin. Don’t get me wrong, they might be nice, matte browns but for the $32 I spent at the time, I was looking for something with a little more to it.



I do have all 5 shades swatched on my hand above… but can you even see them? I know I’m pale but come on now!


Overall, I like the movie and the theme of the packaging. I would use this as some daily neutrals to pair with some of my other UD shadows, but I wouldn’t pay $32 for this again. I think the $16 price tag that it is on sale for now is much more reasonable. I would pick one up still at that price!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


Spring Cleaning: Blog Sale!!

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been going through my makeup because it is getting a bit out of control with some hauls I’ve had lately, so I thought that it would be a great time for a blog sale! That way I can help my makeup find a new home and you guys can get a good deal!

Here are the rules:

1. All items are first come, first served.

2. US only. Sorry!

3. Paypal only.

4. I will hold items for up to 48 hours for payment and then will go down the line for that item to the next person that wanted it.

5. No Returns or exchanges.

6. All items are authentic and I will send additional photos upon request.

7. I will send items within 3 days of cleared payment (usually much sooner) and will provide tracking info. I will also sterilize all items before shipping.

8. For shipping, I will add $3 to each order, no matter how many items. This will help me cover the Paypal charge as well as shipping costs.



If you see something you like, email me at ClosetBeautyJunkie@gmail.com.

I will use the email time stamp to keep track of who wanted what items first. I will then send you a paypal invoice and you will have 48 hours to fulfill the payment, otherwise I will move to the next person on the list.

Happy shopping!




ULTA Lip Butter in Vienna – new in packaging -$4

Bath and Body Works Liplicious in Marshmallow Cream – new in packaging  $4

Lancome Juicy Tubes in Coral Rush – trial size never used -$3



Stila Lip Glazes – all .05 fl oz (so slightly smaller than the full size) From a set, never used. No packaging. -$8 each

From Left to right and top to bottom- Cranberry, Amaretto, Strawberry Cream, Persimmon, Passion Fruit



Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof in flashy violet – new in package, never used-$3 (top)

ULTA Automatic Waterproof Liner in Raisin – new in package, never used – $3 (bottom)

140  139

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils (these vary in price and condition)-From Left to Right:

  • Perversion-Never Used
  • Oil Slick – Swatched Once
  • Smoke – Swatched Once
  • Whiskey – Swatched Once
  • Roach – Never Used
  • Smog – Swatched Once
  • Scorch – Swatched Once
  • Goldmine – Swatched Once
  • Stash – Swatched Once
  • Freak – Swatched Once
  • Deep End – Never Used
  • Electric – Swatched Once
  • Chaos – Swatched Once  SOLD
  • Invasion -Swatched Once
  • Abyss – Swatched Once
  • Ultraviolet – Swatched Once
  • Lust – Swatched Once SOLD
  • Tornado – Swatched Once
  • Asphyxia – Swatched Once
  • 1999 – Used 2x, sharpened once
  • Woodstock – Swatched Once

$12.50 each for any New Unused

$11 for any Swatched or Used


NYX Smokey Eyes Palette -Never Used, Still Sealed-$4  SOLD


Clinique Shadow Duo and Blush Trial- Blush never used, Shadows swatched – $3

Victoria’s Secret Luminous Eye Shadow in Smolder – swatched – $5


Bath and Body Works Forever Red Vanilla Rum 2.5 oz Eau de Parfum – Used once (sprayed 3x) -$20


Lancome Color Design Lipstick GWP in Vintage Rose -swatched -$5

Clinique Long Last Lipstick Trial Size in Sugared Maple – swatched -$5

Model Co Party Proof Matte Lipstick in Red Velvet – Swatched, writing is smearing/rubbing off on case – $3  SOLD


ELF Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain -Swatched – $1.50

MAC Cosmetics Select SPF 15 Foundation in NW15 -swatched -$18

Dr Jart BB 2 Trial Sizes -one swatched, other never used. Both come together. Does not say shade but it’s the generic medium shade that they send when something isn’t customized… -$2 for both


**Any that say swatched have only been swatched ONCE!!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask in a comment below!!

Review: Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA lately. I have had a lot of things going on in my personal life such as a few losses in my family and friends that took priority, but now I am back in action!!

I know I am a bit behind on this but I still wanted to post it up for everyone to see!

Urban Decay Vice 2!! Here it is in the outside package in all of its glory


Then the back cover, showing the different colors in the palette


When you take it out of the box the packaging of the palette itself is absolutely flawless. It’s a gorgeous swirl of different shades of purple. The ‘UD’ logo is raised and has almost like a gem look to it. In the box there is a foam piece protecting this as well so it won’t get scratched up while in transit.


Here is the inside of the palette with all of the different shades. There are 20 in total. It is a mix of bright, statement making hues and some neutrals. I would say that this would pair well if you already have one of the Naked palettes, but on it’s own, this does not offer a large range of neutral shades to make a complete look out of this one palette alone.


It does come with a decent Good Karma double ended brush. I like the brushes the UD includes in their palettes MUCH more than some other brands’ brushes. This little baby is a keeper and actually usable.


Here is a look at just the shadows themselves


And without further ado, here are the swatches. I know that there are a lot of swatches of this palette out already, but I had a hard time finding them on very pale skin, so I thought I’d still include them! Swatches are done in 2 swipes with clean hands and fingers. No brushes or primers were used.


So first up we have Smokeout, which is a dark taupe color with a satin finish.

Lovesick is black with a micro glitter. The glitter appears mostly silver and is more apparent than the photo shows.

Shell Shock is a straight up silver metallic with an amazing color payoff.

Coax is a metallic-y pink with some gold shimmer micro glitter.


X-Rated is a light pink with a touch of satin and not at apparent on my skin tone as I was expecting.

Prank is EASILY one of my favorites from the whole palette. It’s a dark navy blue with turquiose shimmer in it and reminds me of a peacock. haha The navy base is a matte though which makes it a little easier to use for wearable looks.

Madness is a super bright blue metallic and has some blue shimmer in it.

Strike is a gold shimmery shade with added silver glitter. I thought Strike was going to be as highly pigmented as Shell Shock, but is not as striking upon application (which is ironic given the name).


Stash is a pretty olive shimmer. It also has some iridescent micro glitter. This is one of the shades that I’m sure I will be using less, but it is very pretty nevertheless.

Poison is a beautiful dark grey satin with glitter. One of the more wearable day to day colors and another personal favorite of mine!

Radar is a brown metallic with micro glitter. The glitter in this one is iridescent and the payoff is HUGE. This one stands out SO much on my skin and is very versatile. You can use it to replace your average browns in your look to give it some extra pop!

Damaged is a deep green shimmer. Another highly pigmented color, just make sure you prime well underneath. As you can see, without a primer it shows EVERYTHING. Every detail of the skin underneath is exposed.


Voodoo is another favorite of mine! It’s a pretty deep metallic purple and has some gorgeous glitter.

Betrayal is very bright once it’s on! It’s a purple satin duo-chrome that goes from purple to an almost periwinkle blue.

Derailed is a taupey-grey metallic shimmer. I am a  huge fan of greys, so this is another personal favorite. This would be nice in place of the other. This one is good to use in place of Smokeout when you are looking for something extra!

Dope is a nice transition from all of the brights in this palette. It’s a champagne color with a satin finish that you could easily use for a wash of color if running late to make yourself look a little more put together without doing an entire eye look.


Toxic is a bronzey rose metallic shade that would be a great addition to the Naked 3. It is a bit darker on my skin than many of the Naked 3 shades, but that makes it great of the crease. It also has a bit of micro glitter as well which can help add a little drama.

Habit is easily my least favorite shade in this palette. It’s a tan-nude shade and is meant to help balance out all of the metallics and shimmers in the palette as a whole. I feel like if it were a bit more pigmented it would impress me more (I only did 2 swipes of it just like the rest of them of the swatch but I LOADED my finger up with product for each of those swipes, otherwise it wouldn’t be visible to the camera).

Ambush is a brown satiny metallic that reminds me a lot of UD’s Roach without the micro-glitter.

Rewind is nothing to swoon over. I feel as if this and Habit were kind of thrown is an afterthought to make sure that they could market the palette as being more versatile to the point where you can create complete looks from it. It’s just a brown matte that’s nothing to write home about.

Overall, the palette has some amazing colors in it, but I find that they are best when use in conjunction with other palettes. Many shades are a great addition to ones that I already own to give me some more pops of color.

The downside is that I find it harder to make a complete look out of this palette alone, so it’s not ideal for traveling as you’ll find you need to bring something else to go with it. I’m still satisfied with my purchase since I don’t have anything super similar to some of the colors and it’s still a great bargain compare to buying 20 UD shades separately.

What is your favorite shade in Vice 2? What do you hope to see in a Vice 3 if they make one?

Review: Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2

Hey guys!

So my goal for 2014 is to post at a minimum once a week with more varied content: swatches, vlogs, reviews, giveaways etc!

My first post of the new year is some swatches on my super pale skin for you from the UD Ocho Loco 2 eyeliner set!

Now at $59 I honestly wasn’t going to get this. I wear liner as part of my daily routine, but seriously I don’t spend that much on makeup usually. Somehow I of course found a way to justify it to myself and here we are. It comes with 8 full sized liners and a bright green Grindhouse sharpener.Five of the shades are exclusive to this set (Twice Baked, Crave, Mars, Ultraviolet, and Tornado).

They would cost $152 if you bought 8 liners separately and an additional $10 for the double sharpener. It’s like paying $7.37 each for the liners and getting the sharpener for free. Since I was looking to spice things up in my routine a bit, and I pay more than $7.37 for even drugstore liners, I decided to give this a shot.




Packaging- The packaging as always is flawless. I always want to keep all the boxes or trays from UD and have to talk myself out of it due to lack of space. They’re so pretty and always something eye catching.


Formula- These are some of the best liners I have ever used. They have a serious color payoff, especially with how pale my skin is! I really just need one swipe and the color is deep and saturated. They also have really great staying power and I feel like they don’t move on me during the day- ever!





The colors swatched above are with only 1-2 passes over bare skin (no primer).

Tornado- This pretty eggplant is a nice shade to switch up my daily liner. The eggplant-y purple is great for hazel eyes and unlike some other purple liners, you don’t need to layer it on 1,000 times to get the results you want!

Ultraviolet -Less likely to be used in a daily rotation, but a great option to liven things up! It looks almost bright blue on my skin so it would be great to swipe on for a night out where I’m looking to make a big impact with minimal effort (we all have our days).

Mars- I might actually try this for days. It’s a bright green with some shimmer but it is just mossy enough where if you style it correctly, you can easily pull it off as a day look!

Deep End-This one is over the top! Probably my favorite in the bunch, it’s a turquoise metallic shimmer (a little bit of everything)! Not as easy to pull off for day, this is a great pop of color for a night out or if you wear bolder day makeup. Definitely what I was looking for to change things up for me and get me out of my night out makeup rut!

Perversion- The darkest liner I have ever owned. Period. I have to go very easy with this or I end up looking a bit goth, or I have to REALLY warm up my skintone. Otherwise, it’s best used for a sultry night out look! FABULOUS! I can’t believe how black it is every time I swipe it on.

Crave- Better for daily use than perversion, this is a black brown matte shade. It is more flattering on us pale ladies and is a great alternative to the usual black while still blending well with other colors. A great neutral for your makeup bag.

Twice Baked- This one is a medium brown with a nice added shimmer. The shimmer is gold and looks great with hazel eyes, but the finish is satin which still keeps this nice for a day look.

Roach- More coppery than the rest and the lightest brown shade in the set. This also has some shimmer in it and I love this on it’s own when I am looking for a lighter day look where I don’t look like I’m trying too hard, but still look like I’m putting in some type of effort!


While I may be crazy pale, these liners are a great set to transition you from day to night, no matter your skintone. They are a bargain after you talk yourself down from the $59 price tag. The color payoff also helps when trying new shades so you don’t feel like you are dragging them on or unable to see the colors as they were on the pencil itself. This set will give me some new shades to play with for day and night!

Is there another set you love from Urban Decay?