VS: Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner VS bh Cosmetics Glitter Eyeliner

Hello lovelies!


I love wearing glitter liner whenever I can think of an excuse to. I recently bought some from bh Cosmetics (part of my first purchase from the brand). When I unboxed them I thought that the packaging looked very similar to the Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners I have from Urban Decay.

I test drove the bh version on New Year’s Eve so that I could compare them for you here!


bh liners in Synergy and Rapture.


Urban Decay liners in Spandex, ACDC, and limited edition Gunmetal.



As I said, the packaging on both is very similar. They both have wand applicators with small brushes. The bh brushes are a touch larger which I actually prefer as they pick up more product, making the application easier.

The bh liners are .15 fl oz while the UD ones are .25 so you get more products from Urban Decay. The packages also indicate that the shelf life on the UD product is 4 times longer than the bh glitter liners (24 months vs 6).


from L to R: bh Synergy, bh Rapture, UD Spandex, UD ACDC, and UD Gunmetal



UD in the past has transferred easier than the bh version did. I have hooded lids, so I got some transfer onto my crease. I set them both with the same setting spray, so the application was consistent from time to time.

As I said above, the bh version applied more smoothly and I feel like it was MUCH faster than when I applied the UD ones. With the UD formula and applicator, I had to dip the brush into the product constantly and go over the same line multiple times to get what I wanted.

The glitter in the UD liners is finer, which I would expect being from a higher end brand. Typically these finer glitters are safer for the eye and meant for cosmetic use. However, the effect of the larger glitter is more intense and therefore more appealing to me as I wear glitter liners mostly on nights out when I want it to be a very noticeable ‘pop’ and different from my normal routine.

The shade ranges from both brands are very similar. UD offers 7 shades while bh offers 5. Both offer forms of opalescent, silver, pink, and blue. bh additionally offers green while UD offers gold, purple, turquoise and some limited edition shades such as gunmetal which is silver and black glitter (from the Pulp Fiction line).



Urban Decay heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners run $20 each. You can occasionally get them for 20% off from Ulta of directly from the Urban Decay website.

bh Cosmetics Glitter Eyeliners retail for $8 but are regularly on sale for lower. At the time of writing this blog, they are up on their site for $5.



I usually like to buy higher end brands because I find the quality, performance, and wear time to outperform the lower end competitor. That is clearly not the case here. While I still love the Heavy Metal liners, the bh cosmetics liners perform just as well (if not better) and you just can’t beat the price point! If you are not worried about the larger glitter and shorter shelf life, I would check out bh!!




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